Animated Collection

    How it works

    Step 1: Choose a Photo
    Pick the cutest photo of your dog or cat for a pet portrait and submit it to our digital artists with your order. Check out our image guidelines for some helpful tips!

    Step 2: Make it your own
    We love getting to know your furry loved one! We'll print their name on the final artwork. We offer a lot of distinct background color options and font options, and a lot of printing options too.

    Step 3: Custom illustration
    Sit tight while our talented and passionate team of digital artists illustrate your artwork. Most orders ship within 1-2 weeks and sometimes even sooner.

    About Us

    What we believe and how will we make a difference?

    We created this business with the mission to help pets in need, and with that being said, 10% of every purchase is donated directly to organizations that share our mission of helping pets in need.

    What is Skepet?

    Here at skepet we make the best and cutest custom pet portraits, a Skepet portrait is one of the most original ways to decorate your home, for the reason that you're not only decorating with a piece of art, but also with love, and you feel this every time you look at our portrait and remember how much you love your best friend.

    And if you're gifting a Skepet portrait that will likely be one of the most memorable gifts you'll ever give, the best reaction is guaranteed.